Benefits of Self Storage

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Home Business


If you work from home, Moishe’s Self Storage is a perfect solution to help keep your business organized and on-track. Our climate-controlled units are always protected with 24/7 security and are well suited for your computer equipment, files and old office furniture – whether the items are no longer needed or just in the way while you’re refurbishing and redesigning.


Moishe’s Self Storage can also be used to stow your excess stock, equipment, tools and supplies. Our units vary in size and are easily customizable; we do this to accommodate all our clients’ needs.


Moishe’s Self Storage is a perfect option for storing your out-of-season items and promotional materials. We allow your home to remain just that, a home. Your work items need not take over your residence. Moishe’s sister company, GRM Document Management, is also here to help you by providing quality document storage at affordable prices.  


With GRM’s level of experience, commitment to customer service and use of only the latest technology, we can provide the best in document storage and information management for clients of every size.