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Home Emergency


Moishe’s Mobile Storage is perfectly designed to assist you in the event of a disaster.  Fires, floods or other catastrophes can affect homeowners at any time - possibly uprooting your family for an extended period of time or destroying your home.


In the event of a disaster, one of our Mobile Storage Units can be delivered directly to you, on-site, to store your belongings during the recovery process. The unit will provide easy and secure accessibility to your belongings, whether kept on-site or transported to a nearby storage facility.


Sometimes a disaster or personal emergency requires a move to a new home in a short period of time. Moishe’s Mobile Storage Units can be delivered quickly, directly to your front door. After your items are packed into the container, our fully trained relocation consultants and skilled movers will handle the rest by moving your belongings to your new location, near or far, or even providing long-term storage in one of our secure storage facilities.


Be Proactive with Moishe’s Mobile Storage:

In the event of an emergency Moishe’s Mobile Storage can help you prepare for the worst by delivering a Mobile Storage Unit to transport food, water and medical supplies to impacted areas in an immediate timeframe. 


Please call one of our Relocation Consultants at 1.800.536.6564 for more information on how mobile storage can help ease the stress of disaster recovery and come to your rescue.

Manhattan Personal Portable Containers Emergency Solution

Moishe's meets every customer's Manhattan mobile storage needs. With free pick-up and delivery to your home or office, Moishe's mobile storage is also extremely flexible and affordable. Our units are also sturdy and weather proof, perfect to keep your belongings safe while your move, renovate or redecorate.

Manhattan Mobile Storage Manhattan Personal Portable Containers Emergency Solution: Moishe's®

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