Benefits of Self Storage

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Benefits of Mobile Storage


Moishe’s Mobile Storage is an innovative method to move and store your belongings. Different from Self Storage, Moishe’s Mobile brings storage to you.

Here are some benefits of Mobile Storage:

  • Storage Units Delivered Right to Your Door: Moishe's Mobile Storage offers short and long-term storage solutions to meet any storage demand. We deliver a Storage Unit directly to your home and pick it up when your project is complete.

  • Loading at Your Own Pace: With Moishe’s Mobile Storage, you can load your on-site storage unit according to your schedule and when packing is complete, we will pick it up and bring the unit to your new home, office or even our facility when you’re ready.

  • Flexible Time Frame: Our Mobile Storage Units are available for as long as necessary, and with the unit right at your home, you can take your time, ensuring that the job is done right.

  • Perfect for Relocation, Renovation & Refurbishing: Moishe’s Mobile Storage is a solution designed for several projects. If you’re moving, you can pack the Unit and we’ll deliver it to your new home or one of our Storage Facilities until needed. If you have several ‘to-do’ projects at home, our Units can remain on-site and store items room-by-room to make every project a breeze.

  • Easy to Separate Belongings by Room: Each unit’s manageable size allows you to efficiently load and separate your goods from room to room if you wish to keep things organized and separate.


Give one of our Relocation Consultants a call at 1.800.536.6564 for answers to any of your questions.



Benefits of Portable Containers

Moishe's mobile storage containers are sturdy, weather resistant portable storage units that can be delivered to any location, for any length of time. Mobile storage is a perfect option when mini storage is not available. With portable storage units and storage pods, the client controls everything.

New York Mobile Storage Benefits of Portable Containers: Moishe's®

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Moishe's Self Storage will supply you with a personal relocation consultant - an expert who can help you step-by-step with storing your personal belongings.

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