Eight Organizing Tricks for Small Homes

Often when you live in large urban areas, such as New York City, you pay for it in terms of square footage. The closer you are to the city, the less space you get for the money. For that reason you have to make the most of your space. Luckily, New Yorkers and others in big cities are familiar with this and often find ways to get the most out of their apartments. Here are some time-tested organizing tricks that will help make the most out of your space:


Get a Wall Mounted Desk with Shelving

Many of us don’t have a dedicated room to house an office in our homes.  However, a good percentage of people in this city work from home. What that means is that desks are often housed in the living room, or the lone bedroom and can take up precious space. Desks that are mounted on the wall with shelving will make the most out of that space. This helix acacia desk from CB2 is a great example of how you can have a desk and utilize vertical wall space as well.

Mount a Magnetic Knife Holder

We all need good knives in the kitchen to chop those lovely farmer’s market finds for dinner. Sadly though those knives take up a lot of space in our kitchenettes. But if you have a bit of wall or backsplash space to spare, you can mount a magnetic strip to hang your knives from.  For $8.99, you can get the GRUNDTAL magnetic knife rack from Ikea and be on your way. Bonus trick: we’ve also used these strips to hang our tins of tea and coffee and it works beautifully. You’re welcome! 



Hang a Pot Rack

We feel you with the lack of cabinet space in the kitchen. It’s not fun trying to fit your pots and pan in that small space and then try to grab the right one for a sauté meal. One solution? Hang a pot rack in the kitchen. Not only it looks cool and you come off looking like a pro but it’ll also save you cabinet space. At nearly $150, the J.K. Adams Small Grey Ceiling Pot Rack from Crate and Barrel isn’t exactly cheap but it’s so pretty we’re willing to splurge for it.

Rent Storage Space

At less than $100 each month you can buy yourself some wiggle room in the apartment and have a place to store the items you don’t need on a daily basis. You can use the unit to switch out seasonal goods, store business inventory or simply house the items you need infrequently. Some people even use their storage units as offices or gyms. Just make sure the facility is legitimate, safe and convenient and offers a contract that works for you.  

Use Shelves Wherever Possible

This is one of our all time favorite tricks for utilizing space in small spaces. Always always go vertical. Shelving has a small footprint but can be used to store a variety of items, like books, electronics, decorative items and even clothing. And don’t forget, when you have a nook that’s not being used, you can always install corner shelve and create a little more storage space.



Customize Closets

Yes, it seems expensive to customize a closet, especially when you’re renting but trust us this is an investment that will help with not just organization but also with your sanity. From The Container Store’s Elfa to Ikea’s Pax wardrobe system and a variety of other options available at home improvement stores you can find something that works within your budget. This is an investment that is absolutely worth the trouble and money.

Get the Right Hangers

All clothes hangers are not created equal: Some are thinner than others giving you more room in the closet and some are intended for very specific apparel and accessories like ties and belts and pants. Using the right hangers will help you save some much-needed room in your closets.



Utilize Space Under and Behind Furniture       

The space under and behind the bed, sofa and any other large piece of furniture is often wasted. Use this space to store items you might not need that often. This could mean extra sheets and blankets, sleeping bags, luggage and shoes.