Benefits of Self Storage

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Tips for Loading Items into Your Storage Unit


Preparation is key to properly loading your storage unit. The following is a list of tips for easier and safer loading:


  • Lifting Heavy Items: Lifting heavy items improperly may cause injury to your back, shoulders, and/or arms. When lifting an item off the floor, make sure to bend at the knees and come to a squat position instead of bending over. This allows you to rely more on your leg strength to lift items therefore avoiding back injury. After you have picked up the item, hold it as close to your body as possible. The farther you extend your arms when holding an item, the more likely it is to cause injury. Also, make sure not to twist your body when lifting a heavy item as this may strain or injure muscles. Finally, if you do feel a strain when lifting an object, have someone else help you to lift the object.

  • Using a Dolly: Using a dolly—a hand truck for moving heavier objects—can minimize strain and ease the process of loading a mobile storage unit. Keep the blades of the dolly centered and completely under the object when in use and make sure to walk and always keep the dolly in front of you. Also, make sure to have the object securely strapped when using the dolly. These tips will ensure you do not drop the load when using the dolly.

Preparing to Load Items

  • Prepare Your Entryway: Set and secure flattened cardboard on all hardwood surfaces where you will be moving furniture. This will prevent damage to the floors. Remove doors in the home to provide more space to move furniture. Make sure to cover walking areas with inexpensive rugs to minimize dirt accumulation and to also prevent floor damage.

  • Preparing Items to Be Loaded: Disassemble and remove shelves from furniture and keep hardware in a separate place for later reassembly. Defrost refrigerators 24 to 48 hours in advance of loading them. Make sure refrigerators are clean and dry before loading to prevent leakage while in storage. Cover items with plenty of padding to prevent breaking and scratching.

  • Loading Storage Items: Try not to slide heavy items on any surfaces. Sliding these items may cause severe damage to your home or the storage facility’s floors.