Toy Stories: A New Yorker’s Guide to Storing Playthings

 Phot by homestilo  via flickr

Toys are the bane of a neat parent’s existence but they are an inevitable reality of  having bundles of joy. So what’s a parent who wants to provide his or her kids with all the world has to offer but can’t take the clutter of all those puzzles, books, stuffed animals, games and likes to do? Find practical storage solutions. Here are some ideas on how to store toys and keep ‘em neat in your New York apartment:

Underbed Bins and Drawers

The thing about toys is, if you can contain them in a box or a basket or bin they will automatically go from many little items to one larger and neater looking item. Bins and drawers for under the bed are a great way to keep toys out of site.

Wall Bookshelf

Be it a store-bought shelving unit or a built-in, these pieces of furniture utilize vertical space, otherwise unused. Either display toys or use bins, drawers and doors to hide them on the shelves. Either way you’ll be squeezing out more space to store the toys. Just be sure to securely fasten the shelves to the wall to avoid accidents.


Customize one closet in the house—by building shelves and drawers and hanging shoe and sweater organizers—and designate it for your kids’ toys. In the small spaces of New York apartments, sacrificing a closet seems like a big loss but think of all the toys you won’t see on the floor, the sofa and the beds.

Behind the Door

Over the door organizers and hooks are a great way to use an otherwise wasted space. Use a shoe organizer to store plush toys, craft supplies and even Lego pieces.

Wall Hooks

Hang totes, buckets and other containers holding toys and such on hooks fastened to the walls. You can also hang things like jump ropes, hula hoops , water guns, badminton paddles and similar items from hooks.

Magnetic Strips

These handy items can be mounted on walls, doors and even furniture. Use them to hold toy cars, craft scissors, rulers and any other small metal item.


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