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We know that businesses sometimes need extra space. Searching for real estate, whether it’s permanent or temporary, takes valuable time. Moving your business to a new location can mean hours or even days of downtime. Offsite storage facilities are often inconvenient and expensive. At Moishe’s Mobile Storage, we have the solutions for your extra space needs. We have options for any sized business and any type of storage needs. Moishe’s Mobile Storage containers are convenient, flexible and affordable. Here are some suggested uses:

  • Remodeling or Expansion: When businesses remodel, expand or even downsize, Moishe’s Mobile Storage containers are the answer to the extra space needs. Our mobile storage containers are designed to safely hold office furniture, cubicles, files and even computer equipment. They are safe from weather, theft and vandalism and can be kept on-site or moved to one of our climate-controlled storage facilities. You can pack and unpack at your leisure. When your project is finished, we will deliver your container to you.

  • Office Space: When you are crunched for office space, Moishe’s Mobile Storage has an affordable and unique alternative to traditional real estate. Units have optional features such as windows, doors, wiring, heat, air conditioning and even basic office furniture. Use the units as temporary work space or when you outgrow your office. Construction contractors use them as on-site office space. They are perfect for remodeling…your business address doesn’t change. Moishe’s Mobile Offices are convenient, affordable and a great temporary or permanent alternative to expensive real estate.

  • Trade Shows: Trade Shows are a precise endeavor. You need your furniture, booth equipment, signs and products to be delivered exactly at the right time. With Moishe’s Mobile, your trade show will go off without a hitch. We will show up when you want. The container is safe from theft, vandalism and weather, so you can take your time loading it. When you are ready, we’ll pick it up and deliver it to your trade show location. When it’s done and the container is loaded, we’ll bring it back to your original facility. You can empty it, you can keep the container onsite long term or you can have us store it in one of our convenient climate controlled storage facilities. We even have optional additional insurance available for high cost equipment and electronics.

  • Mobile Warehouse: Extra inventory? Moishe’s Mobile Storage is a reasonably priced alternative to warehouse space. Whether you decide to leave the container onsite or to take advantage of our climate controlled storage, your extra inventory will remain safe and secure with Moishe’s Mobile.

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