Stay fashionable my Friends: A Keep or Toss Guide

Stay fashionable my Friends: A Keep or Toss Guide


New York Fashion Week is around the corner and in its honor we want to help you stay fashionable. How? You ask. Well, for starters it’s time to go through your closet or storage space to see what you should keep and what you should toss. Not only will you, hopefully, gain some extra space, you will also stop wearing that shirt you and your college roommate tie-dyed in a bucket. Here are some pointers to help you decide if you should hold on to or get rid of each item:


Have you worn this item in the last year? Two years? Three? No? Seriously? We won’t even say anything. You know the drill.


We’re all hoping to get back into that size zero dress we wore when we were 20. But if it’s been a decade and your body just doesn’t want to go there, why fight it? Enjoy your beautiful self and your size and stop cluttering your closet with something that’ll make you wish you were different. Make room for a new dress you can enjoy.


If you’re the type to buy classic clothes, you can likely keep them for longer than those folks who are more in tuned to trends. If you aren’t, you’ll have to toss clothes much faster than your timeless clothes purchasing counterparts. Sorry, but those super low boot cut jeans have to go.


If a piece you love is super high quality but has gone out of style, fear not. This is one place where you might opt to keep it. If the trend comes back, it’s worth altering the clothing to give it a more current vibe.

Buy again?

Is the article of clothing something you would buy now if you saw it in a store? If your answer is yes, you know that peasant shirt from your Haight-Ashbury days is a keeper.

Damaged or Aged

We know you love that sweater and so you’ve been holding on to it and wearing it—even though we really wanted to tell you not to—despite the ginormous rip on the back. But everything has its time and sadly no one can put your beloved cashmere together anymore. So it’s time to bid farewell to it. You’ll miss it for maybe an hour or even a couple of days but we’re all getting older and our memories worse, which in this case is good news because you’ll soon forget about the sweater.


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