Choosing Storage Size

You’ve finally decided to rent a storage space—be it to make room in your home, get you through a move, or store business inventory in. Whatever your reasoning may be, self-storage seems to be the answer. Now it’s time to decide what size unit will fit your needs. Here’s a guide to how much stuff some of the common-sized storage units will hold—though we recommend you check with a professional at the facility of your choice as well:

5 x 5 Unit

This closet-sized unit is perhaps the smallest size you’ll find. It’s best used for storing seasonal items, such as clothes, beach and ski gear and the likes. It can also hold a twin mattress and box spring.


5 x 10 Unit

Still closet-sized but more like a walk-in than a reach in, a 5 x 10 unit is good for storing a queen-sized bed, a file cabinet, a dresser and some boxes.

5 x 15 Unit

A 5 x 15 unit is like a large walk in closet and should fit the furniture of one bedroom—like a bed and two nightstands, a chest drawer, a television and some boxes.

10 x 10 Unit

This unit is half the size of a one-car garage and should fit the contents of two bedrooms or a living room. For many New Yorkers who live in studios, this could be enough to fit most of their stuff.

10 x 15 Unit

A 10 x 15 should satisfy those looking to fit the contents of three bedrooms and larger items like couches, pianos and bookcases.


10 x 20 Unit

This garage-sized unit can hold the contents of a home including furniture, boxes and even appliances such as a refrigerator and a washer and dryer.

10 x 25 Unit

Larger than a garage, this unit can hold the contents of a three-bedroom house complete with some outdoor items like grills and furniture.

10 x 30 Unit

These units are equivalent to one and a half times the size of a garage and can hold the contents of up to a five-bedroom house.


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