Items You Shouldn’t Put in Self-Storage

A self-storage unit could be an extension of your home or business and you can, for the most part, store in it what you please. There are, however, items you cannot store in your unit as regulated either by state or federal laws or the facility’s guidelines. Here are seven things you should not store in your unit—for a full list, check with your storage facility:


This should go without saying, but it should be reinstated that a storage facility is not there to house humans.

Illegal Drugs

Just like you’re not allowed to have illegal drugs in a home or on the street, you’re also not allowed to have them in a storage unit.

Hazardous Material

You should never store anything that’s considered hazardous in a storage unit. The list includes, but is not limited to, asbestos, hazardous waste, fertilizer and the likes.


Never put your furry friends in a storage facility. Not only is it cruel and inhumane to have a living creature in a dark and lonely space, but they could also attract vermin and other creatures.

Stolen Property

Storage facilities don’t allow stolen goods under their roofs. If you bring it in, you’re breeching your contract with the facility. Never store stolen goods in a unit.

Highly Flammable Material

Things like gasoline, paint and propane can easily go up in flames causing damage not just to your unit but also to the rest of the facility and people around.

Firearms and Weapons

Many storage facilities will not allow firearms and weapons in their units.  Check with the facility to find out what their rules are. Chances are, if they allow these items, the facility officials might ask for you to carry extra insurance.


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