Spring Cleaning: Five Things to Purge This Weekend

Spring Cleaning: Five Things to Purge This Weekend

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If spring cleaning is on your mind, then you’re probably attacking different corners of your apartment holding a bag or a box and looking for things to get rid of. No matter what you end up throwing out, there are five things we all need to purge to free up storage around the home:

Magazines and Periodicals

We know you really want to read the December 2015 issue of The New Yorker (about storage obviously), but come on, you know you don’t stand a chance. Get rid of old periodicals and of your guilt and start afresh. You’ll have a better chance at keeping up with the current issues this way anyway.


There are books we love and then there are books we read and never much liked. Donate to your library any book you aren’t a fan of  and allow someone else to enjoy what’s meant to be read and cherished.


Do you even have a CD player anymore? If the answer is no and you are no longer interested in that Rusted Root album, send that bugger on its way to the curb.

Old Appliances and Tech

Your old calculator from college, DVD player that you never use, scanner and toaster you’re hoping to open up and repair all have to go. Take ‘em to your nearest donation center where someone can find a use for either the tech or its parts.


You finally did your taxes and in doing so realized you kept a whole bunch of extra receipts that have nothing to do with what the IRS needs. Purge those pesky small pieces of paper and free up some room in the drawer.

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