Four School Tools For Organization and Storage


If you have a place of your own, chances are your school days are long over, but the tools you used to store and organize your belongings could still be a part of your life. They are especially useful if your address has a New York City zip code and you’re dealing with tight spaces. Even if not in a small dwelling, these products will still deliver. Here are four items to bring back into your life and apartment to better manage your belongings:

If you thought lockers were just for in-between classes where you got to chat with your friends, think again. These storage items are back in a big way and you can use them to hide away everything from tools, to books to dried food. Find them in furniture stores, online or score an authentic one at vintage shops or auctions.

Pencil and Pen Holder
Be it a case, pouch or a holder that sits on a desk, pencil and pen holders can give your writing instruments a convenient place from where you can easily reach for them when needed.

You don’t need to decorate them with stickers of Madonna like you did when you had big hair sprayed hair in grade school, but you can use binders to organize documents, notes and any loose pieces of paper.

If you’re one of those people who are always on the run and tend to do business on the fly, a backpack or messenger bag will be an ideal place to store your supplies and electronics—notepad, tablet, calculator (really, you still have one?) and other tools—and have them near you when needed.

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