Storage Solution for Handbags

We love our handbags and often have several for different occasions and needs.  It’s so difficult to let go of old bags because trends tend to come and go and what was once old eventually becomes new again so we find that our bag collection grows monumentally from season to season. What we don’t love is storing them, especially in our teeny weeny New York City apartments. They’re often shoved into little corners of the closet or thrown onto a tall shelf or on the floor somewhere. But even for us apartment dwellers there are creative ways to store bags. Here are some of them:


Hooks and Racks

Use hooks to hang your purses and bags. You can group the hooks in one spot, such as in the entryway, closet or bedroom or split them and use in different locations if you have many bags. You can also use a freestanding coat rack. We’ve always loved this classic, colorful rack from Design Within Reach by Eames. has an amazing House & Home section and is known for their beautiful knobs and hooks. You can group a cluster of different ones with enough space between them for your bags to hang. Viola. Pretty and functional.


Designate a shelf to store your purses and handbags. This can be an already existing shelf in the closet or on a wall or one that you can install yourself.  You can use dividers to hold and separate the bags. There are so many beautiful little storage boxes you can buy and stack creatively to make it look nice. has zillions of brightly colored shelves you can install directly into the wall. We also like their different shelf units as well for an affordable way to stack light items like handbags.

Under Bed Storage

Plastic bins under the bed could be an easy way to have your bags organized and out of sight. There is a decent selection of low flat plastic bins that will slide comfortably under most beds, you could always consider bed risers to lift your bed to allow more storage underneath and there are many beds with built in storage on the market these days.

Magazine Holders

Magazine holders are for more than just storing publications—they’re great for bags too.  They’re especially good for slim bags. You can use them on shelves or in cubbies. Those lightweight cardboard ones that fold flat for storage often come in gorgeous prints and will fit nicely on a top shelf in your closet.

They sell nice colorful ones that are quite inexpensive here at Walmart. If you’re looking for actual magazine racks for magazines, our blog on our favorites can be found here: Magazine Rack Roundup



A chest is a great place to store many bags. To keep your bags in good shape, you can use cloth protectors and stack them on top of each other. We are really digging the options for sale at Restoration Hardware. Another good site to explore is – their trunk selection, both vintage and used is really excellent.


Hanging Organizers

There are different hanging organizers you can use to keep your bags in the closet.  You can purchase these from retailers such as Amazon and the Container Store. We are particularly fond of this one pictured here for hanging over the door. It holds 24 smaller bags, or scarves or belts. We also use this type of hanging storage bag on the inside of the bathroom closet door for all our cleaning supplies, but that’s a whole other blog!

Purse Racks

Over door or wall purse racks allow you to use vertical space and store multiple bags without taking up too much room. We like the idea of using out of sight areas like behind a door or in the entry way by the front door.  Bed, Bath and Beyond has some interesting choices here – Let us know what you think if you try one of their options.

Super Cheapy Cheap Solutions

We’ve learned a few things from our friends in the city who are stylists and have huge collections of everything from handbags to jewelry and belts to scarves. Shoe boxes can be used for almost everything. Our friends have them stacked neatly on the bottom on the their closet with a polaroid taped to the front of the contents inside. Nothing is cheaper or easier. If you don’t have a polaroid camera, a simple list written in colorful Sharpie’s on an index card and stapled to the front will do the trick. Some of our more industrious friends have even gone to great lengths to cover these shoe boxes in colorful paper, magazine spreads, painted them with spray paint in metallic shades and even glittered the heck out of them. This could be a fun project to do with your kids. Let them have total control over how they’re decorated and then you can just affix the label to the front of each box once they’re done. No money spent and everyone has fun.

If You’re One of Those Zealous Types

And you have a sizable collection of handbags, we highly recommend renting a unit. You can’t go wrong with climate controlled, safe and secure storage. We would suggest you snapping shots of each bag so you have an easy way to reference which bags are stored in the unit and in which container. We offer units in all different sizes and we bet that once you make the decision to store your bags with us, you’ll find other things in your home that you can store off season so your home will be nice and clutter free. Visit and see all the many locations we can serve you and we also offer free pick up!


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