Five Items to Get Rid of Now!

You’re forever in need of room and storage around the apartment. We get it, living quarters in New York City can be cramped and no matter how hard you try, you are always running out of space.  Some things, you need to keep but some, you can get rid of today. Here are five items you can either donate or throw out now to whip your apartment back into shape in a jiff:


Old Periodicals

Yes, yes, you want to catch up on the last three month’s issues of The New Yorker but the truth is, if you haven’t been able to read them by now, you won’t—sorry, it’s the truth. So recycle old magazines and newspapers and breath a little easier without the dust collectors.

Expired Food

Go through the fridge, cupboard and shelves and ditch that old container of sour cream, expired canned soup and old spices. Now, you can actually see what you actually have in the kitchen.

DVDs, Cassette Tapes and the Likes

If you still have a Debbie Gibson tape but no tape player, well then you know what to do. Also, a lot of those DVDs you never watch can be streamed. So say bye bye to the 80s, 90s and early 2000s and do as the Millennials do.


Old Electronics

Old cell phones, iPods, computer screens, and other electronics need to hit a recycling facility. Do yourself a favor and get rid of these space-taking monsters.

Junk Mail

This is an easy purge. Go through the house and get rid of old catalogues, ads and coupons sent to you in the mail. The apartment looks better already, no?



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