Five Ways To Create More Bedroom storage

You’re forever looking to give your bedroom a sleek look and to organize your clutter. Those books piled on the desk and clothes on the floor aren’t helping that goal. So where to put those items and how to create more storage? Here are five tips to help you out:

Use Shelves

Install shelves along a wall that’s not being utilized and store your books and knick-knacks on it. Not only will shelves give your items a place to live, they can be visually pleasing.

Get Rid of Extra Furniture

If you’re housing a random chair that you never sit on in the corner, a file cabinet that’s mostly empty or some other piece of furniture that’s hardly used, consider getting rid of them. It’s the easiest way to gain square footage that you can use for pieces that serve better function.


Use the Space Under the Bed

Otherwise underutilized, the space under the bed is the perfect spot to store boxes of shoes, linens, sweaters and the likes. If you’re bed is too close to the ground consider getting bed risers.

Get a Good Hamper

Laundry baskets are usually too wide and often end up looking sloppy—with all the clothes in plain sight. If there’s no space in the closet to store a basket, opt for a nice tall hamper with a cover that will take less floor space but will still hold the abundance of clothes you’ll be wearing each week.

Choose Functional Nightstands

Pick nightstands that have drawers and shelves that could be used for storage. If your current nightstands lack these features, switch them out for pieces that will help keep you organized.


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