Cleaning Out the Fridge, A Guide

Spring is finally here and at the beginning of each season it’s good to clean out, and open up some storage space in, the refrigerator. We know that the abundance of condiments and containers can look scary to tackle. But fear not, here’s a little guide you can use to break down the tasks and give your fridge a little bit of a makeover inside:

Cleaning Out the Fridge, A Guide

The hand of a young man is opening a freezer door


Remove all the condiments from the fridge and place them on the counter. Go through each one and check the dates—if expired, it’s time to toss. If not ask yourself if you ever use the item, if not you’re better off making room in the fridge you really will use. Wipe down the space where your condiments are and place what you intend to keep back in.


You know how you stored that pineapple a month ago and forgot about it? Or the meatloaf your sister made? Well, go through every container and get rid of any leftovers that are too old to eat—typically cooked food more than three to four days old.  Make sure to wipe any spills when you clear out each shelf.


Part of a refrigerator full of different food products


You likely don’t need to do a defrost, but you should look through the meats, veggies and frozen meals and treats you’ve stored there. Look at the dates and toss anything that is too old to safely consume. It’s good practice to label and date meats and what not you keep in storage bags so you know when you placed them in the icebox.


Here’s another place in the fridge we can stick food in and forget about. Open up the drawers and toss any old fruit or veggie that looks suspect or that you won’t eat. Then pull out the drawer, wipe or even hand wash and dry and place back.


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