Teaching Your Kids to De-clutter

We often place on ourselves the responsibility of de-cluttering and purging. But our kids have a lot of stuff too, which take up valuable storage space. It’d be nice if we could include them in the process, which can be a learning experience for them and helpful to us. Here are some tips to help you de-clutter with kids:

Teaching Your Kids to De-clutter

Make it Fun

Let’s face it, de-cluttering is not a fun task but the kids don’t know that. So why not turn the dreaded job into something the little ones can enjoy? Maybe turn it into a game or activity or give them a prize after a de-cluttering stint.  For example, you can see which of your kids can clear their closet faster. The winner can then get a small prize or snack.

Teaching Your Kids to De-clutter

Teach Them Why it Matters

Take a few moments to explain to your kids why getting rid of something they no longer play with or wear might make their space both roomier and neater. Also talk about how someone else can benefit by playing with the toys or wearing the clothes.

Don’t Do Too Much At Once

Kids have short attention spans and won’t want to spend hours cleaning and purging. Maybe split the job into several days worth of work and have them do a little each day. Gauge what your child is willing to do. For most, 10 to 15 minutes is likely their limit.

Teaching Your Kids to De-clutter

Take them With When Donating

It will make your kids feel good to know their toys and clothes are going to a worthy cause. If donating to a specific person or an organization, take them with you so they can see where their stuff is ending up. Then maybe go out for ice cream or pizza or some fun activity so they associate what they’ve done with a positive feeling.



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