5 x 5 Storage Unit

5 x 5 Storage Unit

5 x 5 Storage Unit

Are you looking for a 5 x 5 storage unit that is affordable, clean and secure? If so, be sure to check out Moishe’s Self Storage. We offer modern 5 by 5 storage units at several of our locations all across the New York City and Tri-State area. Whether you are looking to store your bicycle during the harsh Northeastern winters, or need a safe and secure place to keep your party dinnerware, Moishe’s Self Storage has a storage unit that is right for your unique needs. Visit our walk-in locations in the Bronx and Queens to see the Moishe’s difference for yourself.

No Problem Too Small

At Moishe’s, there is no storage problem too small for us to handle. Renting a 5 x 5 storage unit is an affordable and simple solution to solve the notorious problem facing most NYC residents- limited space! Stow away some of your infrequently used items and seasonal belongings, and make your living space feel open and welcoming again. Our 5 x 5 units are excellent for storing small personal items, such as bookcases, strollers, bicycles, folding furniture, and seasonal decorations.

Moving from room to room within your apartment shouldn’t feel like you’re navigating through a maze. We can help you find a solution to your storage woes! Moishe’s Self Storage offers all of our customers – no matter their storage needs – high quality and affordable self storage options. For instance, all of our units, no matter how small, are climate-controlled and equipped with state-of-the-art security systems.

Security for Your Peace of Mind

New York City boasts the widest variety of characters in the country, there is no doubt about it. This unfortunately means that there are a few people

5 x 5 Storage Unit

5 x 5 Storage Unit

looking for a place to sleep or for items to steal and sell. Moishe’s furniture storage ensures that intruders cannot come close to your unit, making us among the most secure facilities available in NYC.

Moishe’s Self Storage features the most high-tech security system the city has to offer. We utilize burglar alarms, motion detectors, security checkpoints, 24/7 CCTV and more, all for your peace of mind.

Storage On Your Terms

No storage company understands NYC living more than Moishe’s. We have been leading the storage industry in the area for over 30 years. Our facilities are not only clean and climate-controlled, they’re also safe and secure. In addition to burglar alarms and motion detection, your storage unit will be under 24/7 surveillance. With security guards on constant patrol and closed-circuit monitoring, your personal valuables will be in safe hands.

At Moishe’s Self Storage, renting a 5 by 5 storage unit is as easy as making a phone call. Contact us today to get started!


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