7 reasons to start cleaning in winter over other seasons

7 reasons to start cleaning in winter over other seasons

Winter is a wonderful time of year. The air is frigid and snow may be falling. Sipping warm coffee or tea is a favorite for many people. If you live in New York, then it’s guaranteed that winter is here.

Cleaning in winter is important because you’re always in your home, more people are with you, and germs spread easier in cold environments. Take advantage of the time you have (because you’re home already) during winter to clean and tidy a bit.

Here are a few reasons why it’s a good idea to clean in winter, not just in spring.

You’re home a lot

You’re home already, why not do a little cleaning? It’s easier to make time for cleaning when you don’t have other things going on in your schedule. As a New Yorker, you have many things going on throughout the week during summer, so you may not be home much. In winter, you may have more time to spare.

It’s dusty

Since you’re home more, that means more dust. If you have a pet, then that’s even MORE dust. You and your pet shed — you skin, him fur. Dust comes in from the outside as well. Reduce allergies by dusting a little.

Colder means a weak respiratory system

Have you noticed that people get sick more often when it’s cold? It’s because your respiratory system is weaker in the cold weather. Also, a dry nose means it’s easier for germs to enter into the body.

Colder means more germs

When the air is cold (not freezing), germs have an easier time multiplying and spreading. They stick around longer too.

Touching more things

When you’re in your home more, you touch things more often. So if you get sick once, be sure to sanitize the things you touch. Otherwise, you may get sick again.

There are more people in your home

You may have more people over to visit because it’s cold. Folks spend less time outside in winter. More people means more germs!

Decluttering brings peace of mind

Overall, when you have a clean home, your mind is clearer and freer.

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