8x10 Storage Unit

 8x10 Storage Unit

8x10 Storage Unit

Moishe’s Self Storage has many more room sizes than 8x10 storage units, including larger and smaller. In fact, the 8x10 storage unit is right in the middle of the rooms we offer for online reservation. More specific storage can be acquired upon request, but in general the 8x10 storage unit is a moderately sized room with enough space for some furniture, a mattress, and some odds and ends. That’s not nearly all that it’s good for storing, however.

Moishe’s Self Storage 8x10 Storage Unit

If you’re in need of a little room to store something you don’t want tampered with, then the 8x10 storage unit can get the job done. This includes personal business documents, business inventory, and a substantial number of boxes in the case of a move. We stand by our climate-controlled storage facilities and 24/7 security system. Your property won’t be safer in another storage facility in the city. We guarantee.

What do you get when you store with Moishe’s? You get premium quality service, and top of the line storage facilities that can’t be beaten anywhere else in the city. That extends from our 5x3 storage unit to our 8x10 storage unit and beyond. You’ll get a room that’s maintained by our excellent staff and outfitted with technology other storage facilities don’t provide to their biggest customers.

This includes our specialized storage options and other services. Not only are we the best, we’re the most accommodating. We haven’t been around for close to 40 years simply by skirting by. We’ve been delivering the best moving and self storage services that New York City has ever seen.


How to Rent an 8x10 Storage Unit

If you’re looking to rent an 8x10 storage unit today, you can find one online, or at a physical location. We offer free consultations if you’re unsure if whether the 8x10 storage unit is the right size for you. Feel free to give us a call at (800) 536-6564. One of our professionally trained storage advisors will assist you in finding your perfect storage unit today.