affordable self storage

   Affordable Self Storage

Affordable Self Storage

Many customers come to us searching for the cheapest self storage that we offer. We completely understand, as city life can be expensive. There’s no avoiding it - whether you’re moving to the city or you’ve lived here a long time, space is limited and costly. The one thing most people don’t realize however, is that cheap self storage is much more expensive than affordable self storage. And at Moishe's Self Storage, we strive to provide the best value around.

The Hidden Expense of Cheap Self Storage

Self storage in NYC is often advertised as “cheap.” When it comes to some of the other options out there, that word is aptly chosen. There is a vast selection of self storage services here in the city, and a considerable amount of them don’t offer any maintenance, heat or air conditioning. This can cause damage to all types of property in the short and long term. When you're storing an important family heirloom, or precious inventory for your business, cheap self storage damage can be extremely expensive.

Imagine that you’re moving and you need to store a queen size mattress for a few days. You choose the cheapest storage room over the more affordable self storage Moishe’s offers. You cram in the queen mattress and leave it without a second thought. Only two weeks later you return to find uninvited visitors have arrived in your “cheap” self storage unit. Mites and bed bugs have infested your mattress. These intruders are incredibly contagious and can run rampant at cheaper storage facilities. But not at Moishe's. Our clean, modern units only house your belongings, with no surprise guests.


Moishe’s Knows Affordable Self Storage

If you’re not convinced, feel free to call in at (800)-536-6564 and speak to one of our storage advisors. They’ll make sure to get you into a storage unit you can afford. Every room is monitored by our 24/7 security team with a CCTV system. Not only will your property be safe from intruders and bed bugs, but you will be too. We understand that you may need to access your property late at night, because it’s your property. Which is why we employ constant patrols and modern burglar alarms. Find a Moishe's location nearest you, or reserve a room now for cheap storage you can depend on.