Affordable vs. Cheap NYC Storage

Cheap NYC Storage

Affordable vs. Cheap NYC Storage

There’s a world of difference between affordable and cheap NYC storage. The city is especially full of businesses touting their ability to deliver quality services at cheap prices. Moreover, it’s just as easy to find luxury companies that charge a fortune for a service that’s worth much less. Most people don’t realize that what they really want is affordability. This is what Moishe’s Self Storage has chosen to provide for over nearly four decades. We specialize in offering affordable rather than cheap NYC storage.

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What Moishe’s Has to Offer

Our standards have always been high, but that doesn’t mean our prices are. Affordability is definitely a priority here at Moishe’s, and we strive to ensure we maintain an industry leader in overall value. Our promise is that you won’t find a wider range of quality options and storage assurance in the New York City Metropolitan area.

We manage the storage in NYC for fine art galleries and wineries with the same quality and commitment as the storage rooms college students rent between semesters. No matter what you’re storing, our team can put your property in a place where you’ll find peace of mind upon leaving it.

NYC Storage is Really Expensive

Unfortunately, some residents have already learned this lesson by going with cheap NYC storage. When it comes to cheap storage, it can actually be

Affordable vs. Cheap NYC Storage

Affordable vs. Cheap NYC Storage

much more costly in the long term. Some self storage units companies have been plagued with bed bugs, mold, and other insidious environmental factors bent on destroying the property inside their units. Cheap NYC storage also comes with cost-cutting security measures, which means your precious belongings could be one bolt cutter away from being lost forever.

This is where the affordability of Moishe’s Self Storage shines. For just a few extra dollars per month you get the quality and safety that you won’t get anywhere else in NYC.


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