All City Self Storage

 All City Self Storage

All City Self Storage

Not all city furniture storage prices are exorbitantly overpriced. Moishe’s Self Storage is one of those exceptions. Instead of creating a storage facility that works well for only just a few people, we wanted to create a self-storage facility for every New Yorker. This involved a ton of leg work over the years, but these days we’ve got a room for every storage request. It’s taken us forty years of hard work and excellent service to show New Yorkers that all city storage prices are not rip offs. For us, we wanted to make all city storage prices too high except for ours and we’ve done this by including extra services for free and more.

Moishe’s Is Not All City Storage Prices

Whenever you’re storing your property in a Moishe’s Self Storage facility you’ve probably been looking at all city storage prices. If you’re curious as to how we’re so popular and our all city storage prices are so low, it’s simply because we choose not to extort our customers. The difference between us and our “competition” has to do with the effort that we put into pleasing every storage customer. Not only do we provide the best customer service of any storage facility in the city, we maintain our business should be affordable and premium at the same time.

All city storage prices often don’t include our 24/7 accessibility, which we believe is strange. Why store your property with a facility that doesn’t allow you to manage it whenever you choose? It’s your property isn’t? Furthermore, we believe you should be as safe or safer accessing our facilities than you are at your own place of residence. Herein, we give every storage room free security monitoring through a CCTV system and security staff.


Moishe’s Self Storage

Contact us online through our contact page or reserve your location here. If you’d like to speak with a storage advisor call in at (800) 536-6564. If you’re tired of searching for self storage near me then go with Moishe’s Self Storage, and see why all city storage prices aren’t bad.