Breaking a Padlock

 Temporary Storage Solutions

Temporary Storage Solutions

The most common type of storage units in NYC are temporary storage units. Storage units that you can use for a few months as you transition from apartments, or if you end up selling enough of your overstock. The most quality temporary storage units in NYC are only found in one place, and that’s Moishe’s Self Storage. If you’re unfamiliar with us, there are many reasons why we stand a head taller than the competition.

Moishe’s Temporary Storage Units

Our temporary storage units are maintained consistently, and accessible day or night. If it’s your property and you’re in a bind, why should you not be able to access it whenever you need to? Here at Moishe’s we treat our customers with respect and trust. However, we also need our climate-controlled storage rooms to be safe for access at all times as well.

We monitor every room 24/7 with a CCTV system and security staff. This allows us to make sure that whenever our customers want to access their storage room they’re safe to do so. Too many other temporary storage unit companies simply go for the cheapest security solution they can offer. Most of the time it’s a padlock and a failing streetlight illuminating the storage unit area. This is the Moishe difference.

We aren’t the corner storage solution that’s infested with bed bugs. We’re a New York City staple, and our temporary storage units have been around for decades. We think every customer deserves space, which NYC seems to lack in greatly. When it comes to customer service, we’re the best in the city.


Moishe’s Self Storage and More

Temporary storage units are a hassle to manage, and we take the hassle out of the picture. Your property is difficult to manage as is in NYC, why should the solution be another problem? Call now for a free consultation from one of our storage advisors. If you want to book online you find our reservations page here, which also showcases our locations. This includes storage in the Bronx, and Queens. Go with Moishe’s for your next temporary storage unit, and take the stress out of your storage situation.