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Whether you are a contractor or you are a business owner planning a construction or remodeling project, Moishe’s Mobile Storage has options to suit your storage needs. We offer the security of knowing your construction site is safe from vandalism, theft and bad weather. Moishe’s Mobile Storage units come in sizes and options to meet your needs, such as:

  • Clear Space: Store unnecessary furniture, appliances and other materials inside one of Moishe’s Mobile Storage Units. They are secure and weather proof. You can store them on-site or have us take them to one of our climate-controlled storage facilities.

  • Safely Store Construction Materials: Heavy gauge-steel protects your valuable tools, equipment and construction materials. It’s secure from thieves, vandals and the weather. The 16 foot containers even allow storage of large pieces of sheetrock, lumber and pipes.

  • Extra Office Space: Whether you are outgrowing your office, need temporary office space while remodeling or need an emergency space because of flood or fire, Moishe’s Mobile has the portable solution for you. Moishe’s mobile office units are available for sale or for lease. They even have optional windows, doors, wiring, heat, air conditioning and basic office furniture. Mobile office units can be a less expensive and quicker alternative to leasing or purchasing new real estate.

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Industrial Portable Container – Construction


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