Cheap Storage Facilities New York

When it comes to cheap storage facilities New York has several options. A quick Google search will provide you with a laundry list of options. However, finding a cheap facility to store your personal belongings can be a gamble. Why not choose a storage company that has continually offered their customers affordable and high quality storage options for over thirty years.

Moishe’s Self Storage has been providing New York residents and visitors affordable and reliable solutions to their storage needs for a long time. Cheap is just another word for low quality. With some of the highest quality storage units at the lowest prices in NYC, Moishe’s Self Storage is affordable, not cheap.

A Wide Variety

Moishe’s Self Storage offers our customers a wide variety of storage options. Whether you are in need of a small storage locker for the weekend, or a 10 by 10 foot storage unit for the foreseeable future, Moishe’s Self Storage will have a storage package that fits your needs and budget.

Our storage units come in over 20 different sizes. If you’re unsure of the size of storage unit that you will need, one of our knowledgeable and friendly customer service representatives would love to discuss your options!

High Quality and Affordable

All of Moishe’s Self Storage facilities are climate-controlled and equipped with state-of-the-art security systems.When you work with Moishe’s Self Storage, you don’t need to sacrifice quality for affordability.We have storage units that start at $29. Don’t settle for a storage company that keeps your personal belongings in a glorified garage secured by a pad lock. Moishe’s Self Storage is here to offer you both affordability and quality.

The cheap storage facilities New York has to offer are a dime a dozen. Finding a company won’t make you choose been quality and price is rare, but Moishe’s Self Storage has always been known to be exceptional! Contact us today to get started.


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