Closest Storage

closest storage

Closest Storage

Many people rent storage with the closest storage facility to them. While that may work out fine in most cases, the closest storage facility to you is not always the best. If you want true quality and premium storage for affordable prices then Moishe’s Self Storage is the storage facility for you. We’re located throughout New York City. Visit our walk-in locations in the Bronx and Queens, or go ahead and contact us for great, close storage.

How to Find Our Closest Storage Facility

Moishe’s Self Storage locations are easy to find, and our red trucks have been present for so long they’re a New York City staple. If you’re having trouble locating our facilities, check here to see the different  neighborhoods every facility covers. If you’re not sure as to why you’d choose Moishe’s over anyone else than our multitude of services will hopefully change your mind. The best way to ensure your property is safe is with Moishe’s.

With our 24/7 surveillance by CCTV system and security staff, you’ll be able to store your property with peace of mind and access it with the same. Day or night, your property will be in a climate controlled storage room consistently maintained and monitored. That type of service is the kind you won’t find at your closest storage in NYC facility, unless the closest storage facility is Moishe’s. Regardless, or staff are all professionals and put customer service a the top of the list no matter the size of the room.

Moishe’s Self Storage

Whether you’re searching for residential or commercial storage, the best place to start is with us. We’ve got the highest quality storage rooms across the board. Whether you’re a college student looking to store a mattress or a business owner with no place to store excess stock we’ve got you covered. Moishe’s has been around for close to 40 years by giving the customer what they need. Call us at (800) – 536 – 6564 today to determine what the best cheap self storage room for you is, or visit our walk-in locations in the Bronx and Queens to see the Moishe’s difference for yourself.


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