Cold Storage Facility in the bronx

 Self Storage Units in Queens

A cold storage facility is often used to protect a wide variety of property or products. Whatever the case, it’s usually better that your cold storage facility is just a climate-controlled facility with extra temperature options.

That’s exactly what we believe in offering to our customers here at Moishe’s Bronx Self Storage facility. We make sure every customer, commercial or residential knows that storing their property is not only possible, but easy with Moishe’s Self Storage.

Our Bronx location has many storage units available for rent, and every one of them is climate controlled. If you want to store your property in a cold storage facility that you can trust, then go with us.

Moishe’s Climate Controlled or “Cold Storage Facility”

To know the reason why we’ve been consistently rated as a five-star cold storage facility, you must first know about our ability to protect all types of property.

We make sure that no matter what the occasion, there is a storage unit available for our potential customers. For the past four decades we’ve grown to be able to service just about any possible cold storage facility request and more.

We’ve stored products all the way from fine art in museum like quality conditions to wine in a cold storage unit. Whatever the property, we’ve got the proper storage unit to store it in.

Large or small, long term or short term we can assist you in the future of your cold storage needs. The easiest way to store your property is with the professionals, and our storage advisors know what they’re doing.

Our storage advisors can help you with every type of storage question that you might have. If you’re unsure as to the most accurate temperatures recommended for your property, then our advisors can help you find your property easily.

How to Contact Moishe’s Self Storage

If you’re a restaurant owner or busy professional in need of climate-controlled storage we understand that shopping is time consuming. The best way to learn about Moishe’s climate controlled storage is to speak to a storage advisor.

You can find the best storage advisors in the city ready to assist you in saving the most money possible. We believe that climate-controlled storage is integral to our business, but our storage advisors are even more so.

If you are running a business or just looking to protect some family heirlooms, our storage advisors will determine what size room is most appropriate for you.


You’ll reach any of our storage advisors in our Bronx location at (800) 536-6564. One of our storage advisors will always be ready to assist you. If you’d rather contact someone online, use our contact form.

Know what you want? Whatever type of climate-controlled room you need, Moishe’s will find a way to protect your property. So you can pay for your mooring costs and boat storage in the Bronx or other expensive real estate here in the city. 

Whether you need cold storage in the Bronx, Queens, or another borough in NYC we can help. If you need mobile storage, this is also a possibility. Call now to start renting with the best in the city.