Cold STorage Facility in queens, NY

 Self Storage Units in Queens

When you’re searching for a cold storage facility that you can trust, Queens has several options. None come close to what we do here at Moishe’s Self Storage, we guarantee it. When you’re looking for luxury cold storage in a facility you can afford, there’s only one place to go.

Our Queens facility is by in large the best way to protect anything that needs a climate controlled environment to be stored effectively. In most storage facilities, the only climate you can expect is damp, dark, and probably infested with insects. At Moishe’s, we like to do things a little differently.

Our facilities are top of the line in customer service, technology, and security. We know that New Yorkers demand the best, but often can’t afford it. That’s why Moishe’s Self Storage has made the best affordable.

Moishe’s Climate Controlled or Cold Storage Facilities in Queens

Searching for a way to protect your wine, sensitive documents or more? You’ll find the best climate controlled storage units here with us at Moishe’s Self Storage. When you’re the owner of a restaurant or you have delicate antiques that need specific temperatures we can help!

You’ll be able to rest easy and have peace of mind every day with our storage facilities. Nothing beat knowing that your property you once couldn’t protect Is now in the most capable hands possible.

Protecting property is our main directive here at Moishe’s, and it has bene for the last four decades. Our company was founded by the owner over thirty years ago with his own two hands and a truck. That same hard work and dedication has allowed us to grow our facilities to accommodate every request.

Not many facilities can say that every single storage unit is climate controlled and maintained and monitored 24/7. We believe that when you leave your property with us here in Queens, it should be in the same condition when you come to pick it up.

That’s why only Moishe’s in Queens offers a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. It’s part of our design to make sure every customer is served to the best of our ability. If our regular climate control available in every storage facility isn’t enough to appease your storage needs, ask about our specialized storage.

Moishe’s Cold Storage Accessibility and Security in Queens

You’ll be able to rest easy with Moishe’s Self Storage security. We make sure that there’s always a layer of protection on every storage unit. With 24/7 CCTV system and security team in place, you won’t find a better method to protect your property. While we can't offer boat storage, we can be sure to protect all your other property. 

With all that security, it’s easy to protect your property and also easy to access it. We make sure that every storage unit cold or otherwise is accessible 24/7. When it’s so safe in our facilities, it’s safe for you to retrieve your property.

Most people expect us to charge outrageous prices for all this in one package. That’s not the case at all. You can get our extra secure and accessible storage for low extremely affordable prices today. Find out how below.


Renting Cold Storage in Queens

Call (800) 536-6564 to speak with a storage advisor about the type of storage that will serve you best. You’ll get the best storage at the best prices, and you can even rent your room online. If you need specialized storage, request a quote. Store smart, store Moishe’s. Learn more here.