Commercial Storage in nyc

  Commercial Storage

Commercial Storage

New York’s competitive market can be difficult for smaller businesses. With the limited space and exorbitant prices, every aspect of owning a business of any size in NYC is daunting. One of the main cost sinks that businesses find in the city is commercial storage. Commercial storage can be severely overpriced, or severely under maintained. The best way to get quality commercial storage in NYC is to go with Moishe’s.

Moishe’s Commercial Storage

Moishe’s is a versatile storage facility. We’ve consistently managed to provide storage for customers ranging from a college student with a dorm room in storage to a commercial company with inventory storage in NYC. The success we’ve found is largely in part to our climate-controlled storage spaces and regular maintenance. As a business owner looking for commercial storage space, one of the main concerns is cost. Moishe’s understands, and we provide the most affordable service in the entire city.


Our climate-controlled rooms are monitored all day and night by our security team. That means that if you’re worried about losing your inventory and in turn your hard earned cash, you should begin storing commercially with Moishe’s. There are a swatch of sketchy and “cheap” commercial storage options throughout the city, and we’re not one of them. What’s the point in storing your inventory with a storage company if you can’t determine whether or not your property is going to be safe?

How to Receive a Quote for Commercial Storage

The process is simple and easy. All you need to do is call in to (800)-536-6564. If one of our locations is within walking distance, please feel free to drop in and have your consultation with a storage advisor in person. The main thing we try to do at Moishe’s is keep our customer satisfied. Whether it’s the college student with the mattress or the business owner with a dream: we can find a place for you. We’re not the bottom of the barrel cheapest, but we are the most secure, affordable and convenient unit self storage.