The Best Theft Prevention in the City—Moishe’s Self Storage

  Best Disc Locks for Storage Units

Best Disc Locks for Storage Units

When you’re seeking disc locks for storage units, you’re hoping these have added security features.  Maybe you’ve had a lock cut to your storage unit before.  Unfortunately, disc locks are not break-in proof.  A simple pair of bolt cutters can break almost any lock with a few minutes of effort.  It is simple enough to do a quick internet search: “how to break a disc lock,” and pull up plenty of videos and step-by-step tutorials on exactly how it’s done.  Take your pair of bolt cutters and snip the sliding latch, and voilà, you have access to that person’s entire unit.  If you complete a police report, what happens?  Do you ever recover your belongings?  The simple answer is no.

The best theft prevention NYC has to offer is not going to be disc locks for storage units that aren’t even monitored.  What do banks use for theft prevention?  The absolute best security technology the city has to offer with 24/7 CCTV recording and constant, round the clock security patrols.  At Moishe’s Self Storage, we employ both to safeguard your storage unit against criminals. 

With over 30 years of industry leading standards, Moishe’s Self Storage offers NYC’s premier storage experience.  Why trust anyone but the best when you live in the city?  Theft is a common occurrence, and the best prevention against it is not going to be disc locks for storage units.  The best theft prevention in storage in NYC is constant CCTV monitoring and recording, 24-hour security patrols, motion sensors, state of the art security checkpoints and burglar alarms.  All this is provided standard at Moishe’s with no hidden fees. 


Competitive Rates with the Cleanest Facilities You’ll Find in NYC

Moishe’s Self Storage offers the best rates and the cleanest possible storage experience money can buy.  Our customer satisfaction is 100% guaranteed.  In fact, our customers are so satisfied, they stay with us for an average of 4 years.  Why not come in and experience for yourself the best storage facility the NY tri-state area offers?  Schedule a consultation today with one of our account managers at the location nearest you.  We have 5 convenient locations covering all 5 boroughs.  We also offer free pick up service!  Our experienced NYC relocation experts will move your belongings for you into unit self storage at absolutely no added cost with a 3-month commitment, up to a 5x10’ space.  Trust your possessions with the most secure storage facility in the city at Moishe’s Self Storage.