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Storage companies are not just for storing your dusty old furniture, photographs and infrequently used items anymore. Moishe’s Self Storage is redefining the purpose and functionality of storage companies by offering private contractors, businesses and corporations with some of the best document storage New York can provide. The 21st century is the age of everything digital. Why should your company’s documentation and records system by any different? Stop wasting valuable commercial space by storing physical copies of your records. Let Moishe’s Self Storage bring your company’s record and document storage into the modern ear.

Guarantee Records Managementdocument storage new york with record management

Guarantee Records Management is a sister company to Moishe’s Self Storage that is specifically dedicated to providing our customers with document storage and data management services. Our mission is to help your company increase its efficiency and functionality by storing and managing your records system online. Guarantee Records Management offer services such as contingency planning, document scanning, digital repositories, workflow management processes, certified data destruction and data protection. With so many high quality services Guarantee Records Management is sure to meet the needs of your business or company.

Keeping Client Data Secure

The security and privacy of your clients is more important than ever in the modern age. If your company or business handles sensitive client information or data, let Guarantee Records Management help you do so in a secure and safe way. Take advantage of our secure data protection to make sure that your clients stay protected.

Needing to get rid of client files? No problem, we offer certified data and records destruction. Give your clients peace of mind that their personal information was disposed of properly. Hire Guarantee Records Management to destroy your clients’ sensitive information today!

Moishe’s Self Storage and Guarantee Records Management offer some of the best document storage New York City can provide. Contact us today to learn how you can keep your clients and your business safe.



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