Fine Art STorage New York

 Fine Art Storage New York

Fine Art Storage New York

The best fine art storage New York has to offer is found at Moishe’s Self Storage. We know what we’re doing when it comes to amazing storage facilities and affordable storage rates. Our fine art storage New York has been consistently used for museum like quality storage options. We’ve been in business for close to forty years, and as a result we know what it takes to store extremely delicate fine art and property like it. It takes service that is dedicated, facilities that are updated, and a process that is easily navigated. If you’d like to learn more read on.

Moishe’s Fine Art Storage New York

Moishe’s fine art storage New York is easily the most quality storage facility that you’ll find in the city. We know that every unit should have climate control options as well as more available customer service to ensure that the fine art being stored is always safe and in no danger of being damaged. Our fine art storage is trusted by many curators and owners throughout the city, so specific requests are easily accessible.

Moishe’s fine art storage New York is easily accessible as well. We make sure that our facilities are open 24/7 and our security is there always. With our CCTV security system, you can enter our facilities and never worry about your safety, which is not true for other furniture storage companies in the city. We understand the inconvenient nature of storage in New York, and you can find the most convenient storage with us.


Moishe’s Self Storage

You can contact us by phone at (800) 536-6564 and you can contact us online here. Whether you’re in the market for fine art storage New York or you’re just looking to store some extra property you have in your apartment we’ve got affordable rates for you. Our facilities will be sure to end your search for self storage facilities near me. Reserve your room today and get your peace of mind.