Moishe’s Self Storage offers Free Pick Up

  Free Pick Up with Moishe's

Free Pick Up with Moishe's

Moving is hard enough, and if you’re in a studio apartment you’ve got enough on your plate. There’s nothing like life in the greatest city on Earth, but sometimes you don't have time to waste on moving. If you’re a busy New Yorker in need of a little assistance, there’s one company that understands and is here to help. Moishe’s Self Storage has free pick up for 5’ x 10’ storage rooms and a three-month commitment.  Our crew of friendly, experienced NYC movers will pick up and move your belongings to storage for you at no extra cost.

The Benefits of Free Pick Up

If you’re worried about who’s going to be handling your property, you shouldn’t be. Our professionally trained staff of movers has been consistently reviewed with top marks. Moishe’s is the highest reviewed moving and storage in NYC company. In fact, our quality service has been what’s kept us around for almost 40 years. We’re located throughout the NY metro area and Jersey City, but in the beginning it was just a guy and his truck.


The benefits of free pick up mostly speak for themselves, but the worry of less than quality service is eliminated with Moishe’s. If you’re busy, can’t do it yourself, or just need some help and peace of mind we’re happy to send our crew over. The free pick up service is really perfect for studio apartments that will fit perfectly in the 5’ x 10’ storage space. Not only are the rooms the most affordable in New York, but we’ll pick it up for free! It’s a no brainer, really.

How to Get Your Free Pick Up Today

Moishe's Self Storage is found in five convenient locations throughout metro NYC.  We have one in Queens, Manhattan, and the Bronx storage, and two locations in Jersey City. If you can't find a location near you on our homepage, we recommend calling in to speak with a storage advisor. Moishe’s guarantees we can find the best unit self storage room for you at a price you can actually afford, with free pick up to boot!