Home Renovation

Renovating your home can be a painful and expensive process. Between money for materials, cost of construction labor and arguing over the new design, the last thing you need to worry about is driving miles away to store a single room’s displaced furniture in a storage facility.

Don’t let the inconvenience and expense of traditional off-site storage force you into cluttering the rest of your home with the extra furniture. Instead, let Moishe’s Mobile storage make things a little easier on your eyes and your wallet. Have one of our portable storage units delivered to your home so you can keep all your belongings close at hand, but out of your way.

When renovating your home room by room, use a Moishe’s Mobile storage container as a temporary room-replacement. Instead of forcing yourself into a rush by shuffling all your furniture into the hallway or stacking and covering it in the center of the room, store the furniture in a Moishe’s Mobile Storage Unit and move at a pace you can handle.

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