How to Store Clothes for the Winter

How to Store Clothes for the Winter

Brace yourselves....winter is coming! As we approach the freezing cold temperatures here in New York City, it is time for a change in your wardrobe to better survive the bitter cold in NYC. Did you know, based on the 80/20 rule, we wear only 20 percent of the clothing we own 80 percent of the time? Chances are good that we have loads of items hanging in our closets that NEVER get worn...and the odds are likely very high that you wear even less of your wardrobe offerings in the winter.

With that in mind, we're going to dive in on how you can store clothes for the winter properly, safely, and securely.

Purge Your Closet

As we move from season to season, it is always a good idea to take an inventory of your clothes in your closet. You'll be surprised at how many items you either don't wear, haven't worn in a while, or no longer fit. You have several options as for what you can do with these items:

  • Sell your clothes either at a garage sale, Facebook Marketplace, or your favorite online 2nd-hand retailer
  • Donate your clothes to charity like a Goodwill or Salvation Army
  • Pack up and store your clothes in a storage unit

The added kicker to purging your closet before the winter time? You'll come away feeling refreshed and accomplished, Marie Kondo style.

Pro Tip: 

Empty your closet completely of all your summer clothes. This will allow your to work more efficiently and see all your clothes at once.

Before Storing Them, Wash Them!

The last thing you want to have happen when you go to pull your summer clothes out of storage after the winter is to open the container(s) and catch a waft of dirty clothes stench! Furthermore, there's even a chance that you could ruin your clothes if you pack away dirty clothes!

So, to prevent unwanted stink and deterioration, scrub those clothes clean! Even if you don't think that a piece of clothing is dirty, wash it! Remember, you're going to be putting your clothes in short term want them coming out of storage fresh and ready to wear!

Pack Your Clothes Properly for Storage

Now that we've determined which clothes we're keeping by putting them away in storage for the winter, the fun begins!

While it may be the most cost-effective route, if you're planning on storing clothes, be for for short term or long term, avoid using cardboard boxes. While cardboard boxes are definitely the way to go when moving to NYC, using cardboard for long term storage is ill-advised. This is because cardboard boxes are made from wood pulp filled with acids. Unfortunately, over time, these acids can stain your clothes. Furthermore, sometimes the glue used on cardboard boxes can attract insects and that is a definite "DO NOT WANT" scenario when storing your clothes.

Instead, the best way to store clothes in a storage unit is to utilize a plastic bin with at tight lid. We recommend using a clear bin, as you'll be able to easily identify which items are in which bin, but ultimately the choice is up to you. If you are planning on staring summer dresses and other nice garments, you should utilize a proper garment bag for storage. The thin plastic bags you get from the dry cleaners can produce moisture...potentially leading to mold and mildew on your clothes...YUCK!

plastic storage bins

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