Insurance for Furniture STorage

 Insurance for Furniture Storage

Insurance for Furniture Storage

Moishe’s Self Storage offers insurance for furniture storage in every location that we offer in NYC. You can find our premiere storage facilities services in every borough. So, from Queens to New Jersey we offer insurance for furniture storage. Whether it’s a month or a year we take the same rigorous dedication to providing the best services for our customers. For the duration of your property storage with us at Moishe’s Self Storage you’ll find the best insurance for furniture storage rates, service, and affordability. Read further to find out more about the extent of our premium services and affordable prices.

Moishe’s Insurance for Furniture Storage

When renting with Moishe’s Self Storage you get a lot for free. When it comes to insurance for furniture storage, you get .30 cents per pound up to $2,000 per article at no cost to you. There are obviously options above this coverage if you need more, but out of the gate we can cover most of the furniture you need for a small storage unit. Moishe’s believe that you should have assurance, as well as insurance at no extra cost. The best thing about insurance for furniture storage is the peace of mind you get for your money with Moishe’s Self Storage.

Moishe’s Self Storage offers around the clock storage at no extra cost. The difference between us and other facilities is the dedication we provide to our customers. The most well-known premiere storage facility in the city is also the most dedicated to customer service. Imagine that! Furthermore, we offer 24/7 security to every storage unit because you and your property should be safe always.


Moishe’s Self Storage

Call or click here to find out the best place to get insurance for furniture storage. The number you need is (800) 536-6564. Stop worrying about where and who you’re leaving your storage with by going with Moishe’s Self Storage. You can contact us to end your search for self storage near me.