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 Manhattan Mini Storage New York NY

Manhattan Mini Storage New York NY

Moishe’s is the largest, industry leading storage provider in NYC since the 1980s.  We are the NY tri-state area’s most trusted storage company.  Mana Fine Arts, run by our founder, Moishe Mana, is one of the prominent fine arts storage and handling companies in the nation.  Our state-of-the-art technology combined with our highly qualified fine arts storage specialists have made us the best choice for fine arts storage in New York City for galleries, museum, auction houses and collectors.  We regularly handle professional art collections, both large and small, across the metro NYC area. 

We provide inventory storage with all our climate-controlled facilities, including digital photography of each item you have inventoried with us.  Even our transportation trucks utilize temperature control, making Moishe’s the top choice for inventory storage in the NY tri-state area.  We keep all our facilities pristinely clean, and ensure the proper humidity, temperature and light exchange for all your inventory storage needs.   

Moishe’s Unique Inventory Storage Management

Our art storage clients are given complete control of the items they have inventoried with us.  From the convenience of your home or office, you’re given round-the-clock digital access to your pieces in storage with us.  We offer a variety of cataloguing services for you to choose from, including dimensions, cubic feet, descriptions or condition!  Once your collection’s art work is catalogued and stored with us, you’ll be given digital access to them at all times. 



You Won’t Find Our Security Features at Any Other Inventory Storage Facility

Not only does Moishe’s Self Storage allow our customers 24-hour access to all your units with us, we also provide 24/7 security patrols and CCTV recording cameras in all hallways.  Theft is virtually eliminated at Moishe’s.  We also utilize motion detectors, state-of-the-art burglar alarms, security checkpoints and the latest in fire suppression technology.

Feel free to schedule a consultation with one of our account managers today.  With over 20 different storage sizes, including customizable space, you’re sure to find the perfect fit for all your storage needs at Moishe’s.