Life Changes: Moving in Together

Nothing spells commitment like the decision to go from dating to co-habitation. Few people realize that where this leads (messy break-up or wedding bells) can hinge on how effectively you co-mingle your belongings in addition to your everyday compatibility. It’s a simple equation: Two people, two people’s belongings, one apartment.

Like a virtual mediator, Moishe’s Self Storage can avert bickering and disaster by giving your space much-needed reprieve. Relationships are about compromise: Someone might have to stash away her Cabbage Patch Doll collection and the other party might consider storing his vintage 8-track collection.  Either way, compromise is physical and emotion — and the way to a more stable relationship will always be via less clutter.

At Moishe’s Self Storage we understand your storage needs. Our Relocation Consultants are your contact point for all questions. We always allow clients 24/7 access to their belongings. Our facilities are also climate-controlled and monitored around the clock with motion detectors and video surveillance. Plus, we have a huge range of unit sizes at prices within your range.  So hesitate no further! Clutter-free is Stress-free.


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