What are the tourist attractions of Upper Manhattan?

Upper Manhattan technically includes the area of Washington Heights and Inwood, but for the purpose of his article, we will discuss what there is to do on the south side of Upper Manhattan.

Grant’s Tomb

Ulysses S. Grant tomb

Ulysses S. Grant tomb and final resting place

Ulysses S. Grant's tomb and final resting place. Officially called General Grant National Memorial is Ulysses S. Grant’s final resting place. Is only real wish was to be buried next to his wife in New York. A design competition was held to make the best tomb for Grant. The tomb was built in 1897 by the design of John Hemenway Duncan. Grant died in 1885.

The Cloisters

The Met Cloisters

The Met Cloisters museum

The Met Cloisters museum. The Cloisters is a museum in Fort Tryon Park in Washington Heights. It’s home to much medieval architecture, sculpture, and decorative arts. It was built and established in 1938 by an architecture firm that specialized in Gothic Revival design work. If you enjoy European medieval art and sculptures, this is the place for you.

The Little Red Lighthouse

The Little red lighthouse

The Littel Red Lighthouse

The Littel Red Lighthouse. To reduce boating accidents in the early 1900s, a red lighthouse was constructed. It was operated by a part-time keeper. When George Washington Bridge was completed in 1931, the Little Red Lighthouse was considered obsolete. You can access the public lighthouse by the Hudson River Greenway. A children’s book titled The Little Red Lighthouse and the great Gray Bridge was written in 1942 talking about how little jobs are as important as big ones.

Inwood Hill Park

inwood hill park

Inwood Hill Park

Inwood Hill ParkIn Inwood, this park is visited by many residents and tourists on a daily basis. It was opened in 1926 for the purpose of preserving nature and wildlife. A variety of birds including blue jays, cardinals, turkeys, hawks, and owls, are seen in this area. The park has three playgrounds, baseball and soccer fields, and tennis and basketball courts.

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