RV Storage Facility

While traveling across the country is a dream for many, only a few will enjoy the fabled RV lifestyle. Having your own portable dwelling to venture across the greatest country in the United States is an enticing prospect.

However, often sacrifices must be made to make that dream a reality. In some cases, it involves leaving the house, or expensive Queens apartment behind to be able to budget a better life. If you can’t get rid of all your apartment property, or home furnishings, but have consolidated to an RV we can help.

Our storage facilities can’t handle a full RV, but just about everything you’d need to keep inside can fit. Our Queens facility is one of the highest rated storage facilities in the United States. For many reasons of course, but one of the most important aspects of our company is how much we pride ourselves on customer satisfaction.

When our founder started this company almost four decades ago, all he had to work with was his truck and his own hands. Through hard work, and an abundance of respect for New Yorkers, he developed this astound American dream in action. Moishe’s knows what brings success.

That’s customer satisfaction and dedication to providing quality luxury storage at an affordable price.

rv storage facilityMoishe’s Self Storage Can Help You Today

Whether you’re about to take the big leap and sell the house to start that RV journey, or you’re just moving from one side of Queens to another we can help. We have a wide variety of services because our company is customer centric.

When you’re making a company that you want to succeed for many years, you must develop your brand. Our brand is authenticity. We believe in providing excellent service to every New Yorker that walks in, calls in, or clicks through.

That’s because New York is as diverse as our storage options are. We have options for all types of requests. Dorm room furniture, sensitive documents, or fine art in museum quality conditions is all possible to be stored safely at Moishe’s.

What you get When you Go With Moishe’s

While we are certainly able to store many different types of property, our storage units are largely all the same.

Held to a rigorous standard of quality checks and maintenance, every unit in Queens is accessible 24/7 and climate controlled. Moreover, we monitor every unit with 24/7 security and a CCTV system.

This allows us to be the safest, most convenient, and thusly the go-to storage company in Queens, NY. You can find out more by contacting us today.

How to Contact Moishe’s Self Storage

Take that trip on the RV you’ve been waiting for all this time and end your search for a place to keep your stuff while you’re gone. Everything that you leave with Moishe’s will be in the same place when you come to get it.

You can contact one of our professionally trained storage advisors today at (718) 786-0972. Here you’ll find the best advice on where to store your property, for your warehouse or your home. We’ll make sure to get you in the storage unit that is big enough to suit your needs comfortably and your budget easily.

Use our online form to be contacted through email or later. Get your extra storage, for your warehouse or apartment. Wherever you go in your RV, storage will be simple when you go with Moishe’s.


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