The Best Museums in the Queens New York Area

The Best Museums in the Queens New York Area

The Best Museums in the Queens New York Area

Moving to Queens, NY? Just visiting? We’ve got some information on the best Museums whether you’ve lived in Queens a long time or no time at all.

New York is known for many things. However, there are so many attractions and things to do and see that it can be overwhelming. You’ve probably heard of a few of these, and if you have then keep looking.

There’s always something to discover in Queens, and the Bohemian Hall and beer garden isn’t the only place in the borough.

The Queens Museum

Starting with the staple, the Queens Museum is a fantastic method for getting to see some of the greatest art exhibits in New York City. The amount of good work that goes into those exhibits is staggering.

One of the staple exhibits that remains at the facility is the panorama of the City of New York. It’s a great way to take in the majesty of the city and its ability to sprawl endlessly with culture and architectural marvel.

If you enjoy the outdoors and wish to experience more of the city outside, the public parks in Queens are gorgeous as well. Take a breath and enjoy the outdoors during a busy city day.

The current exhibitions upon writing this article are “Dispatches from the Ghost Ship,” by Jacob Cohen and “Mel Chin: All Over the Place” by Mel Chin.

There are always exhibits worth seeing at the Queens Museum, so be sure to check their site often to see what’s coming. Give the Queens museum a visit and learn more about New York City!

The Best Museums in the Queens New York Area

The Best Museums in the Queens New York Area

The Museum of the Moving Image

The Museum of the Moving Image at 36-01 35th Ave is one of those places that you go and proclaim that you will return upon leaving. It’s got a charm and an effervescence in its experience that demands your attention and eases your enjoyment.

An exhibit that is currently at the Museum of the Moving Image has to do with the amazing phenomena surrounding internet video. Right now, you can go to the museum and learn about YouTube, the amazing stories of celebrity that come from the site, and more.

It’s truly a sight to behold, as the museum is always set up in an aesthetically pleasing manner. You’ll never have to worry about whether you’re going to see something impressive, or mind expanding.

The Museum of the Moving Image is a great way to see some waves of culture either cresting, crashing, or beginning to swell. Truly great curators work there, and we believe you’ll enjoy the exhibits any time of year.


The Best Museums in the Queens New York Area

The Best Museums in the Queens New York Area

Contemporary art and New York City are entwined in history. There is a substantial amount of that contemporary art to be found at the MoMA PS1 on 22-25 Jackson Ave.

Consider to be one of the best museums in the world, the MoMA ps1 is now 47 years old. It’s long been known for it’s propensity to shoulder the weight of new and exciting art exhibits that push the boundaries of art itself.

This sounds like an exaggeration, but it’s truly to be seen to be believed. Find the time to go see the MoMA PS1, you’ll not regret your decision to do so.

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