The Best Music Out of Queens New York

When you go to New York, you go for many reasons, like food, sights, museums, and parks.

The city has hundreds of venues to watch live music, comedy, drama, and more. The most amazing performances in recent history have taken place in NYC. Many Broadway shows that have made history happened here.

Hamilton is one of the greatest contemporary shows around, not to mention Wicked and The Lion King. There truly aren’t many places like New York for live events.

One of the most interesting aspects of New York City is how much of a furnace of industry it is to music. So many great musicians and bands have come from Queens. You can almost guarantee the next big band is playing there.

If you’re moving to Queens or living there and looking for things to do, go see a band and be the first to discover the next hit single!

The Best Music to Come Out of Queens New York

Great bands that have come from Queens, NY

One of the more notable bands is Talking Heads, who burst out of the New York City music scene with ease. The blend of Dadaism and pop sensibility no doubt arose from visiting the varies modern art exhibits in Queens, as well as the hip people that frequent them.

Vampire Weekend and their Harvard yacht rock stemmed from the socialite life that seems to plague every one of their videos. Taking notes from the Talking Heads, they stayed on top of the charts with surprising veracity with such light accouterment.

Who can say enough about the Velvet Underground? This Queens band had extreme insight to their band name when they first arose, and somehow foresight to the future of their subsequent music. So much of the Velvet Underground permeated popular culture in a way that is extremely unique. In a way, they slid like velvet through the underground music scene, and easily transitioned to an above ground underground sound.

The Wu-Tang Clan and it’s powerful ability to transcend musical genres also originated from Queens. While considered by some to be the greatest rap group of all time, they are a force to be reckoned with in sheer volume of quality music produced. There’s truly something for everyone in NYC.

Music as A Culture in NYC

The Best Music to Come Out of Queens New York

New York City is no L.A. in terms of the music industry. In some ways, it’s dwarfed by L.A.’s magnetism for musicians. However, the diverse environment of New York City is also a part of the influence that seeps into the bands that come from Queens.

As a result, music from Queens has a refined nature to it and usually involves some sort of compassion involving two wildly different musical influences.

Whatever your interest in the arts, there’s truly something for everyone here in NYC. Moving to Queens is a lot like moving to a piece of bohemia that still exists. To see it for your own eyes, all you must do is visit Bohemian Hall Beer Garden in Queens.

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