What to see in Woodside, Queens, New York

What’s the History Of Woodside?

Woodside has a long and deep history, especially in the area of food and drink. Settlers came to the area in the 18th century to farm because the grounds were wet and nutritious. Residential and business development increased the desire to live here. Today, many people call this place home because of the livability of this beautiful neighborhood.

What are the demographics?

In all Woodside, 45,000 people call this neighborhood home. Thirty-nine percent are Asian, 33 percent are Hispanic or Latino, and 22 percent are white. The household income is $49,000 a year. Thirty-nine percent are between the age of 25 and 44.


A small, wide-spread chain established the Philipines that serves burgers, fried chicken, and other Filipino dishes. Jollibee has only one restaurant location in New York City, with the next closest one in Jersey City.

Sherry Dog Run

This small paved dog park is named after James A. Sherry who was the Cheif Park Administrator for 40 years. He played a primary role in developing parks, transportation, and housing. This dog park has benches, shade trees, a chessboard, and trashcans.

Nathan Weidenbaum Playground

This small park has a gernerous-sized playground, swings, and sprinklers, all for children to play on. The park is named after Nathan Weidenbaum who was a longtime resident who improved the area by creating the Wynwoode Gardens Homeowner’s Association. He also created a bus route, streetlights, and lamposts.

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