Luggage Storage in Manhattan New York

If you are visiting New York City, Manhattan is where it happens! In order to be prepared for anything during your trip, rent a storage locker from Moishe’s Self Storage, the best luggage storage in Manhattan New York, hands down!

We Have History

Moishe’s Self Storage has been providing NYC residents and visitors with high quality and affordable storage for a very long time. We have been at the top of the self storage industry in New York City for over three decades. Our excellent services and low prices have kept those who utilize our services happy, and their personal valuables and belongings safe! Finding exceptional luggage storage in Manhattan New York is as easy as calling Moishe’s Self Storage.

Luggage Storage in Manhattan New YorkSecurity is Key

Our Manhattan self storage facility is equipped with modern security technology and procedures that ensure the safety of your personal items. New York can be a dangerous place, choose a storage company that take the security of your belongings seriously.

Moishe’s Self Storage has outfitted every one of our storage facilities with 24/7 video monitoring and motion detectors that inform our security personnel of suspicious activity. Don’t let a padlock be the only measure of security between your personal valuables and a burglar. With Moishe’s, your belongings will be in safe hands.

Climate-Controlled Lockers

Moishe’s Self Storage lockers are top-of-the-line. When you choose Moishe’s Self Storage for your storage needs, we keep your personal items safe, dry and secure. Finding high quality and affordable luggage storage in Manhattan New York should be the easiest part of your stay in the city! Entrust your valuables with Moishe’s, a storage company that NYC residents know, use and trust. Contact us today to rent your storage locker today.


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