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 Mana Art Storage

Mana Art Storage

When you need fine art rent storage solutions in NYC, trust Moishe’s Mana Art Storage, the city’s premier specialized storage leader for over 30 years.  Our Mana Fine Arts facility utilizes state-of-the-art temperature, light and humidity controls: the perfect solution for many museums, artists, galleries and auction houses here in the city.  Our Mana Art Storage facility exclusively handles large or small art collections, whether personal or commercial, short- or long-term.  The security features we offer in our Mana Art Storage solutions are unparalleled anywhere else in the city. 

First, our Mana Art Storage moving trucks are different from other storage providers.  All of Moishe’s moving trucks come with standard temperature control, but in our art storage trucks, even more attention and care is taken in the padding and preserving of your valuable museum pieces in perfect conditions.  Our trucks, as well as our Mana Art Storage units, are expertly controlled for light, temperature, humidity and come with 24/7 patrol officers and the most security features money can buy.

Our Unsurpassed Mana Art Storage Security Features

When you store with Moishe’s, we assure our customers your complete 100% satisfaction.  That means that no matter what time of day or night it is, your valuables will stay protected.  We are the only storage provider in the city that allows you 24-hour access with round-the-clock security officers and constant monitoring and patrolling.  Moishe’s Art Storage utilizes constant CCTV recording cameras in every hallway of our storage space, as well as security checkpoints, state-of-the-art burglar alarms and the latest fire suppression technology. 


We also provide inventory storage with digital photographic documentation of each piece you store with us at Mana Art Storage.  Perfect for the commercial art dealer or private collectors, you can check on the status of your art collection at all times, from the security of your home or office.  We offer a variety of cataloguing services: dimension, cubic feet, descriptions or by condition.  Whether your fine art collection is for pleasure, profit or investment purposes, Moishe’s specializes in fine art and fine wine storage, as well as skincare storage for our commercial clients. 

Moishe’s is New York City’s premier specialty storage provider for over 30 years.  Stop in today to our Mana Art Storage facility in Jersey City; or schedule a consultation with one of our friendly account managers, and come experience the Moishe’s difference for yourself.  We offer affordable, premium climate-controlled self storage units near me.  You won’t find a cleaner, more affordable, totally secure art storage facility anywhere in the NY tri-state area.  That’s the Moishe’s guarantee.