manhattan mini storage movers vs. moishe's moving

 Manhattan Mini Storage Movers

Manhattan Mini Storage Movers

When you’re seeking Manhattan Mini Storage movers, know that Moishe’s moving is the highest customer rated service you’ll find.  Moishe’s Self Storage and moving company is the leading provider in the NY tri-state area for over 30 years.  We have consistent five-star ratings across the board from our customers for both our moving services and our storage facilities.  Whether you need commercial or personal, long- distance or local moving services, Moishe’s has you covered.

What‘s Unique about Moishe’s Mini Storage Moving Services?

Unlike other moving companies, like Manhattan Mini Storage movers, with Moishe’s, you never have to deal with subcontractors or hired movers to assist you.  At Manhattan Mini Storage movers, they will allow you the use of one of their trucks to move your things into rent storage.  At Moishe’s, we provide the services of our experienced NYC movers free with our free pick up services.  When you call (800) 536-6564, our relocation experts will drive one of our red climate-controlled trucks to your location, pick up your belongings and store them for you at no extra cost.  Moishe’s is your only go-to when seeking moving and storage.  When you need a dedicated professional moving team to take care of the job for you here in the city, call on Moishe’s.  With nearly 40 years of highly-rated service in the city, we are New York City’s quintessential moving and storage company.  We are a Manhattan-based company that takes care of your moving needs from start to finish.  That’s a promise— and the job will be done better and more smoothly with Moishe’s than with any other moving company, including Manhattan Mini Storage movers.  If you don’t have time to be around or need assistance with your move or storage, we will pack your belongings, transport and load them into storage for you effortlessly with our expert moving team. 

Moishe’s Movers Vs. Manhattan Mini Storage Movers

Something that sets us apart from other moving companies is our conscientious approach when handling your belongings.  Our team of experienced NYC movers guarantee your 100% customer satisfaction.  We are expert at maneuvering heavy, bulky items like sofas or pianos and squeezing them through narrow hallways and down winding staircases.  Moishe’s has grown up in the city for three decades and is experienced in handling tight fits.  Our team of local New York City movers have been doing this for three decades, and we’re confident you’ll find we are the best.  Hollywood film crews have long identified Moishe’s red climate-controlled trucks with moving and storage in NYC.  Our Moishe’s logo is synonymous with the Big Apple.  We have been featured on talk shows and represent the highest standard of excellence in New York City.  Moishe’s is NYC’s premier moving and storage company.


Manhattan Mini Storage has been serving the city for 15 years now.  We have twice their experience and expertise in our three decades of serving NYC since 1983.  Moishe’s is the only moving company in the city that utilizes climate control in the storage cargo of all our moving trucks.  Not only for fine art and wine storage, climate control is important for the preservation of your expensive products by not allowing them to overheat or freeze.  Why settle for anything else but the best?  Trust New York City’s leading moving and storage provider: Moishe’s.    

Your 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee

Our 100% customer satisfaction guarantee means our team will go above and beyond to ensure your moving and storage experience in the city is the easiest decision in moving you’ve made.  Feel free to reserve your move with us today, whether personal or commercial.  Or, if you only need storage, we will pick up your items for free with a 3-month commitment, up to a 5x10’ space.  For the cleanest, most affordable climate-controlled self storage near me, visit your nearest Moishe's location and experience the quality, customer-oriented service that sets us apart as NYC’s premier moving and storage company for over 30 years.