Manhattan Mini Storage New York

 Manhattan Mini Storage New York

Manhattan Mini Storage New York

Did you know that Moishe’s Self Storage has been providing our customers with some of the best Manhattan mini storage New York City can provide? Moishe’s Self Storage understands the unique needs of living in New York City. From the congested traffic and streets, to the small apartments filled with clutter, Moishe’s Self Storage is here to help you reclaim a bit of personal space. 

New York Apartment Living

New York City is one of the most space-starved cities in the United States. In fact, the average New York City resident gets half the national average of living space. At Moishe’s Self Storage, we believe those numbers are not fair, and we are here to do something about it!

Taking advantage of one of our several mini storage options is an effective and affordable way to reclaim your living space. Our 5 by 5 foot storage units are perfect for storing boxes full of items you never use, but take up space in your apartment. What are you going to do with a bicycle and water skis in the summer? Store them in one of our many mini storage options that are available in our Manhattan mini storage New York facility.\


Free Pick up

Even though you may be in the market for mini storage, that doesn’t mean that your savings can’t be huge! Moishe’s Self Storage is now offering free pick up to select New York City neighborhoods when you rent a 5 by 10 storage unit for at least three months. Skip all the packing and driving. Let Moishe’s Self Storage come to your apartment or condo, pack up our moving truck with the items you need stored, and transport them to one of our convenient locations.

Moishe’s Self Storage offers the best Manhattan Mini Storage New York can provide. Contact us today and see for yourself why we lead the New York City self storage industry.