mattress cover for storage

   Mattress Cover for Storage

Mattress Cover for Storage

When you sign up for cheap storage in NYC, what else are you getting for your money?  In the city, sometimes what you receive is more than you bargain for.  To protect your costly furniture, you might seek a mattress cover for storage to prevent bed bugs, but what about all your clothes, or sofa?  Bed bugs can live in any textiles and have been an issue with cheap storage facilities in recent years.  Why trust your expensive belongings with cheap storage facilities and move in with more residents than you expect?  At Moishe’s moving and storage, all our units and moving trucks are climate-controlled, affordable and extremely clean.

Exceptional Quality Storage Vs. Cheap Storage

That high-caliber experience our clients have come to expect is the reason our customers stay with Moishe’s for an industry leading average of 4 years.  All our moving vehicles and storage units are 100% climate controlled.  We employ security patrols 24/7 to ensure the safety of your belongings.  We have state-of-the art burglar alarms, motion sensors, fire prevention technology, closed-circuit video recording and security checkpoints.

When you’re seeking cheap storage, you might be putting your goods next to someone who is utilizing their storage space for cheap rent as well.  When you go for the bargain storage, you’ll be able to access your items 24/7, but will you be safe when you access your items?  In the city, you’re certain to find a bargain, but consider—what is the ultimate price you’ll pay?  You might think you’re protected by wrapping some of your belongings in a mattress cover for storage, but what about all your other items? 

Read the Fine Print with Cheap Storage Companies

Other storage companies won’t advertise to you their rate of bed bug, rat or cockroach infestations or the rate of customers who also crash for a couple months where their stuff is located.  Why trust your belongings with anything but the best?  A mattress cover for storage protects only your mattress.  We at Moishe’s storage in NYC will protect every belonging you trust to us. 

Moishe’s Fine Art and Fine Wine Storage

Moishe’s Self Storage offers specialty storage for top notch clientele, such as museums, art galleries, auction houses, as well as both private and commercial collectors across the tri-state area.  You can trust that your possessions will be handled with the utmost of care by our experienced NYC movers.  Not only is every step of your moving and storage experience 100% climate controlled and pristinely clean, but we account for proper humidity balance, light exchange and complete temperature regulation.

Our Customer Service Commitment

At Moishe’s, we stand by our service as being the #1 industry leading standard for a NYC storage facility.  Our Museum Quality service standard guarantees every customer’s 100% satisfaction.  Our commitment to you, the customer, is absolute.  We take all measures necessary to ensure your ultimate satisfaction. 


Inventory and Surveillance Guarantee

For our fine art storage, Moishe’s allows the customer to have complete control.  We at Moishe’s facilitate the peace of mind that comes with 24-hour surveillance of your storage unit.  Easy access from your home or office is possible with our round the clock digital access to view your items stored in our facility.  Not only does Moishe’s employ security patrols 24/7, you are also able to monitor your items’ safety yourself at any time.  We also have an extensive digital imaging system in place, so that you don’t have to remember every item you have stored with us.  All the images of your fine art pieces in our storage are available for your viewing at any given time.   

One of our account managers is available to speak with you about your storage options in New York City, such as Bronx storage, or Queens storage.  Give us a call and trust the best with the city’s finest luxury storage experience.  Call us at the Moishe’s storage location nearest you.