Mattress Storage

 Mattress Storage

Mattress Storage

The most inconvenient aspect of moving is finding a way to deal with mattress storage in NYC. The mattress is too big to store in a car, and you can’t really carry it down the sidewalk. So then, you’re stuck with a mattress and no mattress storage, two days to move in, and no other options. Self storage companies exist throughout the city for many of these very reasons. New York City is a city in dire need of self storage, and mattress storage. The best place to begin looking is here, at Moishe’s Self Storage.

Mattress Storage and Moving

Moishe’s storage in NYC stands above the rest not because of our affordability, but because of our wide variety of storage facility options. Not only do you get a massive bang for your buck, pretty much any type of property can be stored in our locations. We protect a massive amount of property here at Moishe’s, from mattresses to priceless keepsakes and sensitive legal documents. For all intents and purposes we’re a storage company, but we store and protect.

The first aspect of our storage protection is our maintained and climate controlled rooms, which is extremely important with mattress storage. Too many storage facilities tout dirt cheap prices and attract mattress storage customers that find their bed infested with bed bugs when they come to pick it up. Moishe’s has never had this problem. We understand that most New Yorkers are willing to pay a few extra dollars a month to get security and sanctity when it comes to storing their products.


Moishe’s Self Storage

When you’re moving, and you’ve got to deal with mattress storage, let us take the stress off of your shoulders. We strive to improve on every critique we receive, which is why we’ve grown over the past 30+ years. The main thing we take care of at Moishe’s is the stress and difficulty involved in lack of space. Let us be your happy place! Call in now at (800) 536-6564 or contact one of our Manhattan storage units locations online by filling our contact form.